Sharpening process on Edge Pro Apex using Chosera stones

Scratch patterns from these stones should be representative of scratch patterns of full size Chosera stones as well. Hand sharpening using the Chosera stones could result in finer polish, however any freehand polishing results depend heavily of your technique.


400 Grit Chosera stone


600 Grit Chosera stone


1000 Grit Chosera stone


2000 Grit Chosera stone


3000 Grit Chosera stone


5000 Grit Chosera stone


10000 Grit Chosera stone


0.3 micron paper on a glass blank

The scratches on the  picture for 0.3 micron paper are leftovers from rougher grit stones which I could not get rid of. Scratch patterns are harder to compare based on images from edgePro system due to the fact that freehand one has more control of the blade and the pressure on the stone. EdgePro delivers very harp and consistent edges, however hand sharpening a knife using proper techniques will result in higher level of polish, although not necessarily as consistent of a bevel angle as on edge pro..